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A Quaint History of Couriers

You would think of a freight or mail train couriering your consignment. You may prefer large cargo planes or ships taking your consignments. From trucks to bicycles, the courier industry has always experimented with myriad methods of delivery. Today, drones are all the rage and e-bikes are replacing cars courtesy the green initiatives of many companies. If you thought automatic loading and unloading by drones is quaint, wait till you discover some really weird deliveries made by couriers over the years.

  • Once in 1936, mail was delivered using missiles. You have certainly seen cargo being dropped from planes in the movies. Parachutes, dog sleds, hovercrafts, pole boats and everything from the modern drone to the classic mule has been used to deliver mails. But the missile mail is a unique story. Two rockets were fired from Greenwood Lake in New York towards Hewitt in New Jersey. The rockets flew across the frozen lake for about two thousand feet and they crash landed on the ice. The postmaster at Hewitt walked to the rockets, took the mail bags and dragged them to the postal office. Later, missiles have been used to deliver mail from USS Barbero to a naval air station at Mayport in Florida. It is obvious why missiles were not the preferred mode, even for rare deliveries. The cost of shipping letters was far too high to be viable.
  • Have you ever heard of the million dollar delivery? Usually, people would opt for premium courier services to mail precious items like gemstones or expensive jewelry. One Harry Winston, a jeweler in New York thought otherwise. He did not use any premium service. He opted for first class mail to deliver a 45.52 carat diamond from New York City to Washington DC. In addition to the $2.44 he paid for postage, he opted for insurance worth a million dollars for $142.85. He had claimed that it was the safest mode he could resort to for gems and precious stones. He didn’t just save a lot of money but he also outsmarted potential thefts as most people in the know and with the intention will want to focus on precious cargos and not typical first class mail. Such stories just go on to tell you how cheap international shipping companies like Courierpoint can be a better choice to send parcel to USA than the pricier alternatives. They use the leading branded carriers and share their bulk discount with you. Giving reliability and a great price.

There are many such quaint incidents in the evolution of the courier industry. From shipping pets to transporting humans in a box to free them from slavery, the history is replete with smart and ingenuous ways of couriering.

Mister Aladin, Your Best Travel Buddy

The popularity and existence of e-commerce nowadays keep on gaining the popularity. Moreover, it has been emerging more and more e-commerce system to empower daily necessities of travellers like you. There are many e-commerce in travel agent in Indonesia which are more crowding by the presence of Mister Aladin, one new e-commerce online system providing much easy and facility for the customers.

Mister Aladin is one online travel agent aims to help the users especially for the travellers to make their job easier in arranging their trip only by their hand online. Mister Aladin is focusing on hotel providing all over Indonesia area. This term of facility will be a high level competitors for others online travel agent which had been popular first such as TripAdvisor and Traveloka. Mister Aladin not only provides hotel booking, it also serves and show the cheaper and even lower price compared to other competitors nowadays. For example, you want to spend end of the year holiday with your lovely families in Anyer. Then, you want to book Anyer Beach Hotel as the chosen hotel for you to get in together with your family. Please be ready to prepare yourself because the truth is the price ranged offered by Mister Aladin can be much lower than offered price by official hotel website. This is one of best deal possibility if you prefer to take your travel and hotel booking arrangement to Mister Aladin. According to Nitha Sudewo as the Director of Online Service Mister Aladin, the price offering by Mister Aladin is currently holding the cheapest record of the history compared to others by desktop to desktop system. She claims that they are the one of online travel agent who dare to give the discount approximately up to 90%! The price attached on the website is actually the final price tag without any additional price included.

Mister Aladin also offers easy to the users when they want to book the hotel. The online booking system in Mister Aladin is very simple and user friendly because it only has one page consisting. This is so different by other e-commerce sites which offer at minimum three up to five pages only for one deal process. Another facility offered by Mister Aladin is the presence of Choose Your Mood menu. This menu is aimed to make the customers get easy when they are looking for their hotel according to their taste and personal mood at that time. For example, when you want to do booking for resort or Bali villa, then it has been already Bali villas option there. The same thing will go on when you are looking for another option of the hotel to be chosen according to you necessities right there. Mister Aladin will automatically through Choose Your Mood direct you to the ones you are going to book. Mister Aladin is just like your personal travel assistant which manage all your trip necessities.

Additional insurance policy for your car – How does this work?

When you take an auto insurance or car insurance it is extremely important to know the extent of coverage provided by the policy.  Being ignorant about it can become a problem at a later stage because assuming that you are adequately covered can actually become a burden for you. Since car insurance is meant for providing you financial protection under various situations, you have to foresee the possibilities of different kinds of scenarios that may arise in future and take adequate cover.  A typical insurer will offer you a basic coverage that would leave out many situations that you may have thought about.  The basic coverage and the additional ones have been discussed in this article.

Liability car insurance

This insurance is mandatory as per law. In the event of an accident, you are responsible for damage to property and injuries to people which have to be compensated monetarily. The financial compensation can be a liability for you in the absence of the insurance policy. The coverage includes all kinds of bodily injuries that might be afflicted to people involved in the accident and also compensates for the damage caused to other vehicles. Injuries to the insurer are not covered in this policy.

Vehicle coverage

As the name indicates, vehicle coverage takes care for compensating you the cost towards vehicle damage arising from accident and applies for the car that is insured and not any other vehicles that might be involved in the accident. The comprehensive and collision insurance coverage is the most important coverage that ensures compensation when the car is damaged in a traffic accident and also pays for damages to the car from vandalism, natural disaster, fire, theft and falling objects.

Extreme situation

The liability car insurance and comprehensive and collision insurance policies are almost mandatory requirements.  These policies take care of the most likely occurrences that can damage the car but does not take into consideration one aspect – what would happen if the car is damaged beyond repair or is stolen. While theft may be covered in the comprehensive policy but the coverage is applicable only during the first year of the policy in most cases.  When such unfortunate incident happens, the insurer will weigh the cost of repair or replacement of the car and if it is found to be more than the book value of the car, the insurer will consider it to be a total loss and pay for the value of the car as compensation. The value will be much less than what you owe to the lender who had financed the car when you bought it. This would leave you with the liability of bridging the gap to pay up the loan.

GAP insurance coverage

Having additional GAP insurance for the car will help you to pay back the loan by compensating the shortfall that arises from above. You are completely relieved of your financial liability by having GAP insurance.

For total protection against any kind of financial losses, it is advisable to have additional car policies besides the liability insurance that remain effective concurrently.

Eight Misunderstood Cliches For The New Entrepreneur

Like all things in life, there are tested concepts and those that, well, may be a bit misunderstood.

We start learning this from childhood where we very quickly are taught that what Mom and Dad say is usually something you can count on but what you’re told by friends, is not always something you can take to the bank.

The same goes for cliches. Everyday we face tons of cliches covering a wide range of topics. Cliches by their very nature usually have some degree of truth contained within their day to day usage. However, cliches can kill you when you are starting a new business or trying to take your existing business to the next level. Let me explain:

Cliche #1: Success Is Just Around the Corner – Now on face value that is most likely true. The problem when starting a new business is that most people just never turn the corner. They stop just short and never see the value on the other side. This is typically due to the fact that the cliche doesn’t really tell you how many corners you need to turn before you find the all evasive “success”. I can tell you from experience that it is rarely just one corner…if that was true everyone would be a millionaire or better. The old story about Edison tried thousands of times before he finally got the light bulb correct. If he stopped short on the 999th corner, well we would all be in the dark.

Cliche #2: Overnight Success – We all know someone who was an ‘overnight success’. All of a sudden they’re flowing in dough. Well, there is no such thing as an overnight success unless maybe you just won the lottery and even there, typically it’s never on the first ticket. If you relax and just ponder what is going on, wondering how others became overnight successes, it is certain you will never have the opportunity to be one. The only answer to overnight success is hard work and long ‘overnights’.

Cliche #3: Once in a Lifetime Opportunity – In each of our lives there are many ‘once in a lifetime opportunities’. The only problem is that we never see them. We’re so busy with day to day activity that we let these opportunities pass by constantly. How often have you said to yourself, “If I’d only done…..”. Well, now is the time to do it!

Cliche #4: Look Before You Leap – Now this is a real killer. One of the differences between the truly successful and the not so successful is that the truly successful look a lot less often and for much less time. They review quickly, make decisions and take action. Failure is taken as only a form of education and not personally. If they fail, they just move on to the next event.

Cliche #5: Time Waits for No Man – Well, this is really true but, unfortunately, all too often is overlooked. We tend not to realize that time is finite. There is just so much of it. Sitting back and waiting for success to come to you is as foolish as spending a week in Vegas counting on going home with more in your pocket than you came with.

Cliche #6 – Success is a Journey and not a Destination – Well, this can truly be a killer. One of the most important things any new business owner can do is set goals. Now,each time you reach your goal, you have been successful. Not admitting that and giving yourself a ‘high five’ can be a real downer. You need to cherish success at all times. Kids do it in school, we do it as parents but we don’t allow ourselves to do that as business men and women. Now, once that goal is achieved, set a new one!

Cliche #7: Money Can’t Buy You Happiness – But it sure can make the sadness a lot more tolerable! Of course, money is not everything but one of our goals as business people is to cash in. One of the parameters we go by is financial. To deny that is not very realistic. When evaluating a new business, we need to be sure that there is a strong possibility of success.

Cliche #8: Opportunity is Knocking – Well, this one is great if you’re listening but how often do we turn a ‘deaf ear’ to opportunity. We use just about every excuse possible to avoid a challenge, to stop taking action for fear of failure etc. Opportunity knocks, but unfortunately for some, not loudly enough.

Now I could go on and list several others but the truth of the matter is you’ve got to ‘take the bull by the horns’, ‘grab the golden ring’ and most, importantly, in doing so take action. Nothing can possibly happen without action. If you’re sitting on the fence waiting for success to come to you, you’ll get nothing but splinters!

A Small Business Review The Pros & Cons Of 5linx

From the Desktop of Stephanie Robey, Internet Entrepreneur

Why Read This 5Linx Review?

I am NOT a distributor or an employee of this company. I have an MBA and have spent many years learning things the hard way that eventually led me to be an expert in this industry. I have over 2 decades entrepreneurial experience in various businesses, primarily start-ups and am writing this so you can make your own decision about 5Linx as a business opportunity.

5Linx provides technology through a traditional Network Marketing business model. I see a huge opportunity for distributors in this company and will tell you exactly why at the end of this review.

Any business start-up will require your money and your time. Lots of both. MLMs are unique in that the startup costs are considerably less than say, a franchise, or a start-up. Never the less, you’ll need a mindset for success and the ability to really focus and get things done on your own.

The company has a sensible management team and a great compensation plan. I believe there are opportunities here to make a decent income if you understand how to market this company utilizing new technologies and marketing systems.

Read below for specific details.

Review of Pros & Cons


No glaring complaints jumped out in regards to the company. There were several distributors online that had switched to other companies with similar product lines but all were professionally handled with no “word slinging”.

Looking online at the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) site revealed no outstanding complaints, either. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) in Rochester, NY, showed dozens of complaints, all resolved. No government action or ad infringements currently existed against the company.

Years In Business

According to the BBB, the company has been in business since January, 2001. It’s always good to go with a company that has been established for a few years because statistics show most businesses will fail in their first 12 months.

5Linx Review: Management

The Company has a well-rounded team that encompasses each area of the business: cellular sales, product development and direct marketing. Sales expertise is always helpful and this team has it. Companies lacking sales aren’t in business for long. The sales criteria is met with this company.

Craig Jerabeck, CEO and President has been with the company since 2001. With a background in cellular sales at the retail level and plenty of management experience, Mr. Jerabeck is an excellent choice for this entrepreneurial venture.

Jeb Tyler, Executive Vice President – Marketing, holds a degree in Business Administration focused on Marketing but the corporate website says very little about his experience elsewhere. Mr. Jerabeck’s experience probably compliments Jeb’s.

Jason Guck, Exec VP of Sales, has experience in the direct marketing industry, critical for the distribution method the team has chosen. Mr. Guck has had years of success building sales orgainzations.

5Linx Review: Financial Stability

At the time of this writing, the company is privately held and listed on INC 500 as one of the fastest growing companies in the country. Not a bad sign. Growth has been over 800% in a 3 year period.

5Linx Review: Products

Wireless Phones and Accessories, Internet and Long Distance Services plus High Speed Internet and Satelliet TV make up the company’s product line. VoIP calling plans comprise the most popular of their services. I found no complaints about the quality of their products or services.

5Linx Review: Competition

This market has a lot of competition with familiar brand names which could make it difficult to convince people to switch. However, positioned properly with the ability to identify prospects, this could be a lucrative opportunity. Today, everyone uses phone services.

5Linx Review: Compensation Plan

This is a traditional MLM direct marketing model. You can earn money when you sign on new distributors to work the business as well as a residual income when customers pay their monthly bill for services. There’s also a monthly profit sharing bonus pool.

Plus, the top producers also get a leased BMW and benefits similar to traditional corporate executives like vacation time, health care and others bonuses. The top level also receives a car upgrade to a Bentley and more profit sharing.

Opportunities start at $99 (limited) and increase to $499.

5Linx Review: Leadership

The biggest disappointment about the business is that they are still using the old-school methods of marketing: the 3 foot rule, home and hotel meetings, personally contacting people. Interesting, considering they are selling such a high tech product.

Remember, you need a lot of people looking at your opportunity daily, in order to reach the goal of one new sign-up per day. Take a look at the top producers. Interview them and sit in on one of their trainings. How do they market and train their team? Look for a “blueprint”, or a “system” that will get you started step-by-step.

See Training below.

5Linx Review: Training

Marketing materials, group trainings conferences and calls are provided at both the local and national level. This is pretty typical of MLM companies. They pitch the “old school” style of marketing and it’s the #1 reason people fail: chasing prospects and attempting to convince them that they want your offering. This is a difficult way to work the market and strange considering the products they sell.

On the Internet, you’ll be able to get between fify and 200 leads, daily.That’s actually, several hundred people per day, looking at your opportunity. Physically talking to that many people is tough and that is the beauty of the Internet where they come to you. People will actually flock to YOU.

Massive Income Awaits 5Linx Distributors

Leverage the Internet. The big questions – where is it people shop when they purchase electronics? ONLINE. This is a great business, expecially when the products are sold via Attraction Marketing and the Internet. The distributor who uses the Internet for their business will dominate the market in a matter of months and that’s exactly why I put together this website.

No more:
Home and hotel meetings
Approaching strangers
Burning out your friends and family

Instead, powerful online sales funnels:
People help themselves to the information on your website
They buy online from you, any time day or night.

I’ve done it for my business and many, many others. I can teach you the same exact things that I did.

An Alternative To Venture Capital In The Food And Beverage Industry

If you are an entrepreneur with a small food or beverage company looking to take it to the next level, this article should be of particular interest to you. Your natural inclination may be to seek venture capital or private equity to fund your growth, but that might not be the best path for you to take. We have created a hybrid M&A model designed to bring the appropriate capital resources to you entrepreneurs. It allows the entrepreneur to bring in smart money and to maintain control.

We have taken the experiences of a beverage industry veteran, a food industry veteran and an investment banker and crafted a model that both large industry players and the small business owners are embracing.

I recently connected with two old college mates from the Wharton Business School. We are in what we like to call, the early autumn of our careers after pursuing quite different paths initially. John Blackington is a partner in Growth Partners, a consulting firm that advises food and beverage companies in all aspects of product introduction and market growth. You might say that it has been his life’s work with his initial introduction to the industry as a Coke Route driver during his college summer breaks.

After graduation, Coke hired John as a management trainee in the sales and marketing discipline. John grew his career at Coke and over the next 25 years held various positions in sales, marketing, and business development. John’s entrepreneurial spirit prevailed and he left Coke to consult with early stage food and beverage companies on new product introductions and strategic partnerships.

Steve Hasselbeck is now a food industry consultant after spending 27 years with the various companies that were rolled up into ConAgra. His experience was in managing products and channels. Steve is familiar with almost every functional area within a large food company. He has seen the introduction and the failed introduction of many food industry products.

John’s experience at Coke and Steve’s experience at ConAgra led them to the conclusion that new product introductions were most efficiently and cost effectively the purview of the smaller, nimble, low overhead company and not the food and beverage giants.

Dave Kauppi is now the president of MidMarket Capital, a M&A firm specializing in smaller technology based companies. Dave got the high tech bug early in his business life and pursued a career in high tech sales and marketing. Dave sold or managed in computer services, hardware, software, datacom, computer leasing and of course, a Dot Com. After several experiences of rapid accent followed by an even more rapid decent as technologies and markets changed, Dave decided to pursue an investment banking practice to help technology companies.

Dave, John, and Steve stayed in touch over the years and would share business ideas. In a recent discussion, John was describing the dynamics he saw with new product introductions in the food and beverage industry. He observed that most of the blockbuster products were the result of an entrepreneurial effort from an early stage company bootstrapping its growth in a very cost conscious lean environment.

The big companies, with all their seeming advantages experienced a high failure rate in new product introductions and the losses resulting from this art of capturing the fickle consumer were substantial. When we contacted Steve, he confirmed that this was also his experience. Don’t get us wrong. There were hundreds of failures from the start-ups as well. However, the failure for the edgy little start-up resulted in losses in the $1 – $5 million range. The same result from an industry giant was often in the $100 million to $250 million range.

For every Hansen Natural or Red Bull, there are literally hundreds of companies that either flame out or never reach a critical mass beyond a loyal local market. It seems like the mentality of these smaller business owners is, using the example of the popular TV show, Deal or No Deal, to hold out for the $1 million briefcase. What about that logical contestant that objectively weighs the facts and the odds and cashes out for $280,000?

As we discussed the dynamics of this market, we were drawn to a merger and acquisition model commonly used in the technology industry that we felt could also be applied to the food and beverage industry. Cisco Systems, the giant networking company, is a serial acquirer of companies. They do a tremendous amount of R&D and organic product development. They recognize, however, that they cannot possibly capture all the new developments in this rapidly changing field through internal development alone.

Cisco seeks out investments in promising, small, technology companies and this approach has been a key element in their market dominance. They bring what we refer to as smart money to the high tech entrepreneur. They purchase a minority stake in the early stage company with a call option on acquiring the remainder at a later date with an agreed-upon valuation multiple. This structure is a brilliantly elegant method to dramatically enhance the risk reward profile of new product introduction. Here is why:

For the Entrepreneur: (Just substitute in your food or beverage industry giant’s name that is in your category for Cisco below)

1.The involvement of Cisco – resources, market presence, brand, distribution capability is a self fulfilling prophecy to your product’s success.

2.For the same level of dilution that an entrepreneur would get from a VC, angel investor or private equity group, the entrepreneur gets the performance leverage of smart money. See #1.

3.The entrepreneur gets to grow his business with Cisco’s support at a far more rapid pace than he could alone. He is more likely to establish the critical mass needed for market leadership within his industry’s brief window of opportunity.

4.He gets an exit strategy with an established valuation metric while the buyer helps him make his exit much more lucrative.

5.As an old Wharton professor used to ask, What would you rather have, all of a grape or part of a watermelon? That sums it up pretty well. The involvement of Cisco gives the product a much better probability of growing significantly. The entrepreneur will own a meaningful portion of a far bigger asset.

For the Large Company Investor:

1.Create access to a large funnel of developing technology and products.

2.Creates a very nimble, market sensitive, product development or R&D arm.

3.Minor resource allocation to the autonomous operator during his skunk works market proving development stage.

4.Diversify their product development portfolio – because this approach provides for a relatively small investment in a greater number of opportunities fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit, they greatly improve the probability of creating a winner.

5.By investing early and getting an equity position in a small company and favorable valuation metrics on the call option, they pay a fraction of the market price to what they would have to pay if they acquired the company once the product had proven successful.

Dean Foods utilized this model successfully with their investment in White Wave, the producer of the market leading Silk Brand of organic Soy milk products. Dean Foods acquired a 25% equity stake in White Wave in 1999 for $4 million. While allowing this entrepreneurial firm to operate autonomously, they backed them with leverage and a modest level of capital resources. Sales exploded and Dean exercised their call option on the remaining 75% equity in White Way in 2004 for $224 million. Sales for White Way were projected to hit $420 million in 2005.

Given today’s valuation metrics for a company with White Way’s growth rate and profitability, their market cap is about $1.26 Billion, or 3 times trailing 12 months revenue. Dean invested $5million initially, gave them access to their leverage, and exercised their call option for $224 million. Their effective acquisition price totaling $229 million represents an 82% discount to White Wave’s 2005 market cap.

Dean Foods is reaping additional benefits. This acquisition was the catalyst for several additional investments in the specialty/gourmet end of the milk industry. These acquisitions have transformed Dean Foods from a low margin milk producer into a Wall Street standout with a growing stable of high margin, high growth brands.

Dean’s profits have tripled in four years and the stock price has doubled since 2000, far outpacing the food industry average. This success has triggered the aggressive introduction of new products and new channels of distribution. Not bad for a $5 million bet on a new product in 1999. Wait, let’s not forget about our entrepreneur. His total proceeds of $229 million are a fantastic 5- year result for a little company with 1999 sales of under $20 million.

MidMarket Capital has created this model combining the food and beverage industry experience with the investment banking experience to structure these successful transactions. MMC can either represent the small entrepreneurial firm looking for the smart money investment with the appropriate growth partner or the large industry player looking to enhance their new product strategy with this creative approach.

This model has successfully served the technology industry through periods of outstanding growth and market value creation. Many of the same dynamics are present in the food and beverage industry and these same transaction stru7ctures can be similarly employed to create value.

Tips To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

When people think of the word entrepreneur, they automatically think of success. Unfortunately, not every person who is an entrepreneur is successful. Being an entrepreneur simply means starting your own business, and doing your own things. While this requires more drive than usual, and can breed most successful people, there are plenty of people out there who have tried, and failed, in their entrepreneurial activities.

With that being said, there are different things that can be done to help someone in their quest to be an entrepreneur. There is no formula for being a successful entrepreneur; every situation is different, meaning that the way to be successful in each situation is unique. There are a few tips that can help you to be the successful entrepreneur that you are looking to be, however.

1. Be Patient

Patience is one of the most important aspects of trying to become a successful entrepreneur. There is a lot of hard work that goes into trying to build your own company or start your own venture. While there will be amazing highs, there will also be near devastating lows. The patience required for a successful entrepreneur will help you to whether the bad times, allowing you to push through to the good. No venture is easy; having the patience to stick through it and keep a level head is crucial to becoming successful.

2. Pay Attention to Detail

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is all about making sure that everything you do is the correct step. While there will be setbacks and mistakes, minimizing these errors is what separates regular entrepreneurs from successful entrepreneurs. By paying attention to detail, you will consider every aspect and think about every decision in a precise manner. This attention to detail is crucial for avoiding missteps that can be costly and ultimately lead to the demise of your venture.

3. Never Go it Alone

While becoming a successful entrepreneur is all about becoming your own boss, making your own money, and owning your own venture or ventures, it is not something that should be done alone. Having connections and a support system is important to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Having connections will help you to make your path to success easier, as these connections can hook you up with deals and information that will help. Having a support system will help you to stay focused when the times become rough. Going through an entrepreneurial venture alone may make it too difficult to become successful.

While there are many different aspects to turning into a successful entrepreneur, these few tips are the basic building blocks that are needed in every situation. Possessing these skills will help you to deal with the individual and unique issues that will show themselves as you start your career or new venture. By being patient, paying attention to details, and having a support system, you can put yourself on the path to becoming that successful entrepreneur.

The Top 7 Business Social Networks Of 2014

Are you still looking for a job? Think about creating your own. There are a lot of business social networks to help you connect with other entrepreneurs and get the business ideas off the ground.

Here are the top 7 business networking sites and apps. Each helps entrepreneurs succeed by providing them with the guidance, tools and resources they need to start a business and gain exposure.

1. StartupNation

Most social networks for business neglect the content aspect that makes StartupNation so useful. With articles, forums, blogs, on-demand seminars, and podcasts, entrepreneurs will be better prepared for their ventures and have the resources required to make better business networking decisions.

There are a wide range of topics being discussed on StartupNation right now, including business planning, marketing and web-based business. The site also offers a series of competitions, such as an elevator pitch business networking competition. If youre an entrepreneur or hope to become one, this site is definitely one you cant miss out on.

2. LinkedIn

Its difficult to leave LinkedIn off of any business social network list because its so useful for anyone whos either searching for a job, is trying to network with like-minded individuals, or starting a business. LinkedIn offers many resources for entrepreneurs, such as groups, including the very popular On Startups group that has over 54,000 members.

Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn should brand themselves properly so they can attract the right kind of business opportunities, and perform searches to find service providers or partners. As an entrepreneur, you should also be looking to participate in LinkedIn Answers, events and business networks to spruce up your profile and become a valuable member to your LinkedIn network.

3. Entrepreneur Connect

Entrepreneur Media, the company that produces Entrepreneur Magazine, started a business social network years ago specifically for small business networking. Like all business social networks, you have the opportunity to create your own profile, explore the community and network. Unlike most social business networks, this one frowns upon too much self-promotion and applauds idea sharing.

You can use this business social network to connect to service providers, suppliers, advisers and colleagues. Just like LinkedIn and Facebook, there are business groups that you can join or create. Another cool feature is that youre able to start your own blog and possibly have it appear on the main page of the business social network.

4. Biznik

This isnt another LinkedIn clone. Instead, Biznik brands itself as a business social network that doesnt suck. The Biznik community is composed of freelancers, CEOs, and the self-employed. Like the other business social networks, this is a place for you to share ideas, instead of posting your resume. It is mandatory for all members to use real names and provide real data, and Biznik editors actually review all profiles to ensure compliance with that policy.

5. Cofoundr

The Cofoundr business social network is made up of idea makers, entrepreneurs, programmers, web designers, investors, freelancers and executives. The primary purpose of joining this network is to start a new web venture. Unlike most of the business networking sites already listed here, Cofoundr is a strictly private network, which means that you cant view member profiles before you register for an account.

Membership requires having a valid university or work email address, which means high schools students and younger arent allowed. The first thing you have to do is sign up, then specify your abilities and the people you are trying to business network with and finally, post your idea on the bulletin board or in the forum.

6. Perfect Business

If you want to meet thousands of serious entrepreneurs, experts and investors from a variety of industries, then Perfect Business might be the business networking site for you. The type of people youll find are potential business partners, potential clients and advisers. Additionally, the site has leading business partners like Entrepreneur and Virgin Money.

From business social networking to a video center where you can learn from successful entrepreneurs, a business plan builder and even an investor center, youll have most of the resources you need to start a business.

7. CityHour

Much more than a contact manager, CityHour social networking app easily syncs with your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts to instantly transform a collection of static digital contacts into an actionable network full of new people and opportunities. So whether you are looking to jumpstart new business efforts, explore career opportunities or create new partnerships,

with CityHour youre just a few taps away from a meeting that could change your life.

Oh, did we mention that its absolutely free?

Internal Motivation The Entrepreneur

It always amazes me, looking back on my career as an entrepreneur, that I did my worst work when I was at the top of my game. That’s right; I also preformed my best when I was at my lowest. I used to think that I was just lazy when I was comfortable and my needs were being met, but the day came that I realized that this was the source of power and success.

If business was booming and resources were in abundance, I lost all desire to achieve. For the longest time I thought that only under desperation could I find creativity and motivation. If you took away all my money and locked me inside of a cockroach-infested, apartment, with nothing more than a cell phone, computer, Internet access, and 27 cans of beef stew without a can opener, you would be absolutely amazed at what I can get done. I would figure out how to open the cans of food with my cell phone, and within 8 days, deposits would start appearing in my PayPal account. I always figured this was simply my survival mechanism kicking in. As it turned out, I was neither lazy nor motivated by primitive survival instincts. It is actually a personality trait that few have and even fewer understand… including most of the people who have it.

This isn’t about being able to get stuff done when times are tough. I will spare you that speech, because lots of people have written about that one already. What I am talking about is where a person gets their motivation from. Is it generated from internally or externally? That is the million dollar question. A true entrepreneur is motivated from internal validation.

A normal person is motivated by externally. Most people without resources have nothing to draw validation from and they cannot get excited enough to accomplish starting a business. They cannot find the motivation to figure out how to build something out of nothing. Give that person a large office, nice business cards, and an important title and they tend to get to work and behave in a way that matches all that external validation. The biggest problem occurs when that external validation is given to them, rather than earned by them. They then boss people around without actually knowing what they are talking about. Under that poor guidance, the business will fall apart. This is why an average person fails at starting a business. They either can’t find the motivation to start from scratch or, if they get lucky and have some resources fall into their lap, they never learn how to build resources, which is what entrepreneurship is all about. The most common thing I see when non-entrepreneurs try to start companies is that money gets squandered to buy stuff that gives them external validation. These are the people who go bankrupt paying for huge office space that they do not need. The only thing they succeed at is building nothing out of something as they exhaust their resources without building mechanisms for profit. The funniest thing to me is that as the business fails, all of their external validation starts to disappear and with it their power at the very time they need it most. Their need for external validation guarantees their failure.

Then there exists a rare breed, the entrepreneur. This is the kind of person who truly can build something out of nothing. The entrepreneur gets his motivation from internal validation. It makes no difference to his self value if he is running things from a one-room apartment or the top floor of a skyscraper. He will be called arrogant and egotistical because he sees his value only inside of himself; he considers his circumstances and assets irrelevant. He believes that he has the power to create money out of nothing and his motivation for success is showing that belief to be true. For him, it’s not what he has; it is what he can do, and once that is done, he can have anything.

Now that you understand that how a true entrepreneur is motivated, I will explain what people see as laziness, loss of interest, and lack of motivation once their businesses get going. The entrepreneur gets excited about being able to do what more than 99% of the people on this planet cannot do, create something out of nothing. True entrepreneurs lose interest when the process turns into building something out of something because they see that as a goal anyone could accomplish, so it doesn’t feed their ego in the same way. They are excited by being able to do what others cannot. The true entrepreneur is a fire starter. After things get going, they pass operations off to the management they put in place and leave to start yet another business. And the best part is that they start that new business with nothing. They understand the power in doing this and know that the man who needs “no thing” has “no thing” holding him back. He gets his validation internally. That internal validation gets satisfaction from being able to create things out of “no thing” – that is the magic! That is the real entrepreneur at work.

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Overview Of Business Class Immigration To Canada

Business people wishing to immigrate to Canada have three different options offered by the Canadian government. You can obtain a business class visa as one of three classes: an Investor, an Entrepreneur or as a Self-Employed person.

Taking the Investor Business Visa first. This is for experienced business people, with the ability to prove their experience, who are able to invest C$800,000 in Canada”s economy. They will also need a minimum net worth of C$1.6m that can be proved to be legally obtained. As a condition of the issue of their permanent visa they will be asked to make the investment of C$800,000 for a minimum of 5 years and 2 months. After this the Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC) will return the investment to the investor. During and after this period the investor will be able to legally and permanently live and work in Canada.

For those business people without this kind of disposal income, but have a legally obtained net worth of C$300,000 may apply for an entrepreneur”s Canadian business visa. They will need to again prove their business experience of at least two years. They will then be asked to start and maintain a qualifying business that employs Canadians as well as benefit Canada. You are usually allowed three years to meet the entrepreneur criteria.

There is also a self employed visa that an entrepreneur can apply for. This visa is intended for those people who can start a small business that creates a job for themselves that benefits Canada culturally. There is also an option for the self employed person to start and operate a farm. This business visa is particularly attractive to artists, athletes, musicians, actors etc. Whilst there is no minimum net worth requirements, checks will be made to ensure that the person has enough money to start the business and the business will be profitable enough to support them and their family. The selection procedure for this class of business visa is quite tough and artists are generally expected to be of world class level.

For all classes of Canadian business visa the applicant will also need to pass:
“A detailed medical to ensure that they are fit and free from illness and disease.
“Security checks to ensure that they are not a threat to Canada”s national security.
“Criminal checks. This usually involves obtaining a police certificate to ensure absence of a criminal record. Any person over 18 who accompanies you will also need a police certificate.

All business visa applicants will also need to score at least 35 (the current pass rate) points out of 100 points from the selection criteria grid which checks:

“Business experience
“Ability in English and/or French

So if you have a good net worth and can contribute to Canada”s business, wealth and cultural activities you should be able to obtain a Canadian Business Visa.